Low Temp Starter Kit
Low Temp Starter Kit
Low Temp Starter Kit
Low Temp Starter Kit
Low Temp Starter Kit

Low Temp Starter Kit

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If your size isn't listed here, check out the HIGH TEMP Starter Kit. 


Ziflex is a flexible and magnetic 3D printing build plate that provides easy flexible prints removal. Its special 3D printing coating offers strong adherence to many materials while ensuring an easy removing thanks to its extra flexibility. Magnetic technology allows good positioning and removing in just a few seconds, without decalibrating the printer. With Ziflex, it is no longer necessary to use dangerous tools like (stupids) spatulas to remove your prints. In addition to the productivity gain and comfort of use, you will not risk to hurt yourself, damage your printer or prints, or decalibrating your printers with a spatula anymore. 
You can have a look at our size chart if you have any doubt on the shape or dimensions you need. 

✓ Max heated bed temp: 70°C, recommended for PLA only.
 Good adhesion to PLA, ABS, PCPETG, TPU, Woodifl and more. 
 Uniform heat transmission.
✓ Maximum Nozzle temp: 260°C (Depends on the calibration your printer) 

Ziflex is two magnetic layers system and is easy to install: 
→ One magnetic plate with 3M adhesive to stick to your original build plate
→ One magnetic plate with a surface coating that ensures strong adherence to many materials

Size adjustment:
We created the Ziflex to fit with about 40 printers, but if you need a special dimension, feel free to email us at: hello@zimple3d.com. If you think that your printer should be in the list of the most asked size and not in the custom size section, feel free to reach us by email. Ziflex works with a lot of autocalibration systems, but not all of them: for example, it doesn't work with inductive autocalibration. If you have any doubt about your autocalibration, feel free to contact us, we'll be glad to assist you!

Ziflex can fit with many different 3D printers, and this makes it a product highly subject to errors of use. Calibration and settings are variables from one to another 3D printer: the installation tips will provide you with some help but they aren’t a detailed tutorial to each machine. That's why once the Ziflex has been installed and used, we can’t make any refund or return.


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Perfect, as always

This is yet another Ziflex purchase. Couldn’t be happier with it. Great quality, easy to install and maintain. And first layer adhesion is awesome.

Très bon produit

Après quelques essais je suis entièrement satisfait du produit

Zimple Starter Kit

I just love this kit, this is the second kit I buy and if I buy another 3d-printer I will purchase one for that as well.

La meilleure solution, mais pas idéale

Ce produit est bien supérieur aux autres solutions (rubans, scotch), il est pratique pour défaire les pièces, mais pour ma part, ça colle un peu trop et certaines fois, malgré un petit accessoire spécial, ça a tendance à coller, et la partie inférieur se craquelle assez rapidement ce qui fait que le plateau n'est pas tout à fait uniforme, par contre en déplaçant le point d'impression (pour les petites pièces) on peut augmenter sa durée de vie.
J'en suis à mon troisième (dont 1 en V1), et je compte en reprendre d'autres, car malgré ses petits défauts, c'est un très bon produit.


Low Temp Starter Kit