Ziflex detailled user guide 

Click on the button below to download the Ziflex user guide, in.pdf format. This user guide is included in all packages containing our products.
This user guide will be regulary updated. Last version: 23/01/2019
We need your help! You installed Ziflex on your machine and you made a clear and beautiful tutorial? Share it with us so we can put in online. Your community will be very grateful.

Download for big prints

If you print some very big parts of more than 200*200mm, you could need to use our 3D printed spatula to help you remove the Ziflex. You can download the file by clicking on the button below:




Thickness compensator

On some printers you will need to stick the little thickness compensator in front of your Z end stop. It’s a little, black 3D printed part with some adhesive on one side. You can download it below: