Papa: Control and monitor your Zimpure.
Papa: Control and monitor your Zimpure.
Papa: Control and monitor your Zimpure.
Papa: Control and monitor your Zimpure.

Papa: Control and monitor your Zimpure.

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Papa is a little device designed to control your Zimpure and count the working hours of your Zimpure to help you to monitor the states of your filters. It's very simple to use, just plug it between Zimpure and the power supply to start counting the working hours of your Zimpure, link it to your 3D printer, and Papa will be automatic.

The functions provided by Papa are the following:

1. Counting the working hours of your Zimpure.

 (The RGB Z LED on the front is showing you the hour range in which you are). Papa informs you of 5 different range:

  • 0 - 125 hours               Green Z
  • 125-250 hours             White Z 
  • 250-375 hours             Blue Z
  • 375- 500 hours            Purple Z
  • Over 500 hours           Red Z

This function is working even if you don't link it to your printer to add the Control function. The reset procedure is very simple: Unplug and replug you Papa, wait 10 seconds, the LED Z will turn on/and off, at this moment, you have 5 seconds to unplug/replug your Papa. That will reset the hours counter. (The LED Z is now Green). 
When we’ve tested Zimpure in a laboratory, we’ve tested the lifetime of the filters. The filter was saturated after 500-hour printing ABS on a Zortrax M200, (0.4mm nozzle, 0.2mm layer height). With our settings, we’ve printed 4kg of ABS within 500 hours. If printing 4kg of ABS takes only 1 hour for you, (if you use a 0.8mm nozzle and 0.4mm layer height for example), your filters will be saturated in 125hours. So you need to change the filters when the Z LED turn White.

2. Zimpure Control/Automation:

Papa can control your Zimpure to make it fully autonomous. Just link Papa to your motherboard in parallel with the extruder heatsink cooling fan, the one cooling down and your Zimpure will automatically turn ON and OFF only when your printer is running! You will never touch your Zimpure again after plugging this little Papa to your printer. (except for changing filters of course). The Papa is compatible with all 3D printers: 12V and 24V. You can link it to your extruder in many ways: Electrical connector, conductive glue, soldering. That depends on your printer.

3. Papa breathing:

When your Zimpure is running, Papa is “breathing”: The Z LED on the front will make a discrete visual animation, looking like a breath. If Zimpure isn’t working, the Z LED is ON without any animation.
If you're ready to add some electronic functions to your Zimpure, this is the product you need!